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Catit Design

Catit Design home products for cats are
innovative, stylish and functional

Designed for contemporary times

Original and creative, Catit Home products provide cats with many functional benefits, plus they’re designed to blend in elegantly in homes, making them truly unique decorative showpieces and scratchers in one.

Catit Home Cat Furniture

Catit Home Cat Furniture

Contemporary Cat Furniture includes the Hangout and Hideaway, both combining attractive design with superior functionality. They're both ideal for providing private space for exercise, play or rest.

Among its unique features, the sturdy Hangout is made of appealing natural banana leaf panels that are resistant to shredding, two platforms for resting or playing, a comfy hammock and cozy bed for rest and relaxation, and a hanging sea grass toy.

The Hideaway has all the same key features as the Hangout, in addition to three platforms for resting or playing.

Catit Home Decorative Scratcher

Catit Design Home Decorative Scratcher

This Decorative Cat Scratcher is an attractive and enticing scratcher that provides outstanding exercise and playtime functionality, plus it comes with an eco-friendly, replaceable sleeve, which is made of durable woven paper that cats will love.

For additional fun, the Cat Scratcher has an opening at the top end for placing an elegant and enticing Decorative Scratcher Accessory (sold separately). The accessory is also designed to fit in all other Catit Design Home Cat Scratchers.


Corrugated Bed Scratcher with Swivel Toy

This versatile 3-in-1, bed scratcher toy combo is a unique and convenient activity centre that combines a comfortable resting spot with a central scratcher and a hidden teaser toy (made of sisal) that's mounted under the elevated bed.

Made of durable, corrugated cardboard, it has an appealing yet neutral graphic design that fits well in a variety of home settings. Catnip is included.

Catit Design Home 3-in-1 Scratcher

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