Dogit Zombie Fever, Zombie Cat, Vinyl Dog Toy

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This creepy-looking dog toy may look scary, but don't worry, it's completely harmless and makes playtime with your pooch a unique and fun experience.

This character actually has a cool name: Zombie Cat, a dog-friendly toy by Dogit. Designed to amuse and entertain, this freaky, yet likable character will grow on you and your pooch-you'll both enjoy playing with this zombie from the living dead.

Zombie Cat is a member of Dogit's Zombie Fever vinyl dog toy family, which consists of five cool, scary-looking characters. Collect all five to create a spooky-looking, yet lovable mob of zombies.

Key Features:

  • Vinyl dog toy with squeaker
  • Original and creative design
  • Vivid colours and realistic artwork
  • Cool, creepy-looking character

Other Dogit Zombie Fever characters available:

  • 91301, Zombie Racoon
  • 91305, Zombie Pig
  • 91307, Zombie Dog
  • 91309, Zombie Chicken

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