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  • 50708 - Catit Clean Litter Trapping Mat

    This practical trapping mat by Catit is perfect for keeping the area near your cat's litter pan clean and tidy. The mat has a soft surface with flexible fibers that gently dislodge and collect litter from your cat's paws as they step on it. As a result, litter stays on the mat and does not spread all over the place.

    Key Features :

    • Convenient litter trapping mat for cat pans
    • Reduces tracking
    • Protects floors and carpets from litter spills
    • Soft surface with flexible fibers dislodges and traps litter from paws
    • Helps keep paws clean and maintains cleaner, healthier area
    • Durable and easy to clean
    • Ideal for all Catit pans, as well as other models
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  • 50709 - Catit Cat Pan Litter Mat, Gray, 34 cm x 40.5 cm (13 ¼” x 16” )

    Catit Cat Pan Litter Mat:
    - For use with all Catit® Litter Pans
    - Protects Floors and Carpets from litter spills
    - Reduces tracking
    - Durable and easy to clean
    - Size: 34 cm x 40.5 cm (13 ¼” x 16” )
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