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  • 72156 - Dogit Flying Disc Dog Toy, Orange (dia. 21.5cm/8.5")

    The Dogit Flying Disc is a great way to teach your dog how to fetch. As it spins through the air, it makes a fun whirling sound to attract and entice your pet. The Dogit Flying Disc provides your pet with hours of interactive fun, amusement and exercise.

    Dogit Flying Disc Dog Toy, Orange. Plastic Disc, makes fun whirling sound as it spins through the air. Size: 21.5 cm (8.5”) diameter.
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  • 90500 - Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs

    Physical exercise and mental stimulation are important for your dog's well-being. Working with your dog’s natural hunting instincts, Dogit® Mind Games provides your dog with a fun, engaging experience that challenges both his physical and mental abilities.

    Dogit® Mind Games is 3 games in one (Hide-and-Seek; Spin-a-Whirl; Sliding Puzzle), each one designed to encourage your dog's problem-solving skills while promoting bonding and playtime with your pet.

    Dogit® Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs. 3 games in 1: Hide-and-Seek; Spin-a-Whirl; Sliding Puzzle.

    Includes :

    • White/blue game board
    • 4 green pop tops
    • Green wheel white and blue center pieces
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