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Vision bird cages practical and convenient bird-keeping

Vision Bird Cages
Perfection is in the details

When Hagen bird cage designers go to the drawing board, they keep the following checklist in mind to guide them through the creative and design processes:

Bird Homes must:

  • Be large enough to house your bird comfortably
  • Be appropriate for the natural behaviors of your bird
  • Minimize messy seed and waste spillovers and be easy to clean
  • Be made of safe, non-toxic materials that will stand the test of time
  • Be durable to withstand your bird's activities
  • Allow easy access to birds
  • Have bird-friendly feeders and perches

These guidelines ensure that our bird cages provide a pleasant and convenient overall experience for you and your pet bird.

fluval birdcage

Bird-keeping, after all, should be about comfort for birds and convenience for you. This is what Vision bird cages are all about–the convergence of many features for the benefit of two: you and your bird.

Variety of Sizes

Vision bird homes are available in a variety of sizes as well as in small or large wiring. Cage sizes are established based on field research and testing at the renowned Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI), recommendations by independent veterinarians, and over 25 years of making bird cages.

There are a variety of Vision cages available. Smaller cages with small wire are made for finches, canaries, budgies, lovebirds. Larger cages with large wire are for larger budgies, lovebirds and cockatiels.

Bird-Friendly Material

The cages are made in environmentally friendly conditions, using the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with emphasis on low-waste pollution. They are made of low-carbon, rust-resistant wire with a lead- and zinc-safe paint finish. This ensures that birds enjoy a safe, secure and comfortable home.

Getting a Good Grip

Most perches come in one uniform diameter. So birds using these types of uniformly-sized perches develop the same grasping position. Vision perches have a wavy pattern with varying diameters. So as birds grip them at different perch points, the gripping variations promote blood circulation and prevent foot problems.

Getting a good grip

Getting a good grip

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