Fluval Sea Marine Salt, 189 L (50 US Gal)

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Fluval Sea Marine Salt is ultra pure and ultra consistent marine salt that creates an optimal ocean-like aquarium environment for corals, other invertebrates and fish to thrive in. A professional grade formula, the salt is formulated and blended proportionally with only the best grades of micro and macro elements to achieve natural seawater concentrations with enriched levels of calcium and buffering capacity.

Fluval Sea Marine Salt contains only the best quality ingredients that are carefully sourced to ensure a top quality formulation with no unwanted impurities. All raw materials are systematically tested to ensure that every bag and bucket contains the same high quality natural ocean water formula that is phosphate and nitrate free.

Key Features:

  • Creates optimal ocean-like aquarium environment
  • For reefs and other marine aquariums
  • Ideal for corals, fish and invertebrates
  • Professional grade formulation
  • Does not contain unwanted purities
  • Enhanced calcium levels
  • Dissolves rapidly and leaves no residues
  • Phosphate- and Nitrate-Free

Also available:

  • A8278 Fluval Sea Marine Salt, 1.4 kg (3 lbs)
  • A8280 Fluval Sea Marine Salt, 22.5 kg (49.5 lbs)

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