Living World Mineral Block for Cockatiels Yellow Pear

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Living World® Mineral Block is a complementary pet food for all birds. Mineral Block contains minerals that birds find in their natural surroundings. It provides a source of extra calcium and minerals required for healthy egg formation and feeding parents. It supplements calcium for strong bones and feather formation while making available a number of other minerals often deficient in seeded diets. It also keeps beaks trim and sharp. For cockatiels, pear design, yellow.

Feeding Guide:
Place the mineral stone in your bird’s enclosure allowing free access. Use in addition to your bird’s regular food. Ample fresh water should always be available.

Other sizes available:

-82165 Living World® Mineral Block for parakeets, small
-82185 Living World® Mineral Block for parakeets, apple design, red
-82186 Living World® Mineral Block for parakeets, orange design, orange
-82191 Living World® Mineral Block for cockateils, pepper design, green

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