Zeus Zombies – Frankie with squeaker - 40 cm (16")

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Zeus Zombies are crazy-looking, rugged dog toys designed to handle rough and tough playtime activities, including fetching and tugging.

Available in seven unique characters, every special zombie will grow on you thanks to creative ideas brought to life using tough and durable materials that are made to handle aggressive play.

This creepy-looking yet lovable Zombie is Frankie, a battle-scarred character made of soft plush material, corduroy and cotton rope at each end for tugging.

Collect all seven characters and make playtime with your dog a fun and exciting experience every time.

Key Features :

  • Crazy-looking soft plush dog toy with squeaker
  • Designed to handle rough and tough playtime activities
  • Perfect for fetching and tugging
  • Made of resilient corduroy
  • With cotton rope at each end for tugging
  • Seven unique characters available 
  • Size: 40 cm (16")

Other Zeus Zombies available :

  • 98011, Sam
  • 98012, Bob
  • 98014, Earl
  • 98016, Fred
  • 98018, Ted
  • 98020, Steve

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