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Introducing Fluval Sea


Innovative Products for Marine Hobbyists

The new saltwater line consists of a wide array of superior products for serious marine aquarists:

  • Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps
  • Fluval Sea Sump Pumps
  • Fluval Sea Internal Protein Skimmer
  • Fluval Sea Mineral Supplements
  • Fluval Sea Marine Salt
  • Fluval Sea NANO Lights 

New Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps
(14345 to 14348)
New Fluval Sump Pumps
(14335 to 14339)
New Fluval Sea Internal Protein Skimmer (14325)
Fluval Sea Aquarium Circulation Pump CP3

 Fluval Sea Aquarium Sump Pump SP6

Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer PS1

Compact and innovative, Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps minimize tank intrusion, improve energy efficiency, and deliver a gentle, broad stream of ocean-like current. Unlike most competitive models, these efficient circulation pumps are easy to install in aquariums and are outstanding for creating indirect water currents to assist corals.

Fluval Sea Sump Pumps deliver powerful flow rates at various head heights to ensure excellent water flow for sump-equipped marine systems. These high-quality, energy-efficient, magnetic-drive pumps can be plumbed in or out of a sump. Rugged and certified for marine use, these solid pumps feature advanced impeller technology. Fluval Sea Internal Protein Skimmer's relatively small size and ultra-silent performance removes an astoundingly large amount of undesirable organic compounds, creating what every marine aquarium desires-pure reef-like water conditions. The skimmer features an easy-to-clean design, adjustable skimming control mechanism, and a multi-venturi impeller.


New Fluval Sea Mineral Supplements                                                                           

Fluval Sea Marine Supplements consist of seven highly-concentrated and pure formulations, all designed to maintain proper levels a trace elements in saltwater aquariums. Free of unwanted contaminates, gluconates, nitrates, and phosphates, they support the right conditions for the healthy growth of marine fish, corals, or invertebrates.

Fluval Sea Mineral Supplements
  • Fluval Sea Alkalinity: alkalinity-boosting compound, supports strong coral growth and plays a key role in maintaining optimal pH levels
  • Fluval Sea Calcium: concentrated form of calcium, helps develop strong skeletal structure of corals and other invertebrates
  • Fluval Sea Magnesium: magnesium-boosting compound supports optimal pH and strong coral growth
  • Fluval Sea Iodine: iodine-boosting compound supports the growth and condition of corals and other invertebrates
  • Fluval Sea Strontium: helps develop a strong skeletal structure and tissue retention, improves growth rates of coral and other invertebrates, such as mollusks, clams and tube worms
  • Fluval Sea 3-Ions: blend of Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) calcium, magnesium and strontium, supports coral growth and helps keep marine aquariums naturally stable
  • Fluval Sea Trace Elements: blend of 11 key trace elements, supports essential biological processes in marine aquariums

New Fluval Sea Marine Salt
(A8278 to A8280)

A premium reef mix manufactured in the USA, Fluval Sea Marine Salt is a top quality reef salt with no unwanted impurities. It contains all essential trace elements, ensuring that aquariums benefit from only the best grades of macro and micro elements.  

Fluval Sea Marine Salt