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Living World Extrusion - Healthy Food for Picky Eaters


Small animals have food preferences just like humans.

Furry critters who are fed seed diets often set aside certain unpalatable seeds, just like some of us shun peas or broccoli, which means they may not be eating a wholesome diet.

Living World Extrusion
An excellent way to counter selective eating is to feed extruded food. In fact, it guarantees that your picky small pet eats a complete diet and rules out any chance that they consume an unbalanced meal.

Living World Extrusion is pelletized food, which means ingredients are mixed, ground, cooked and extruded into bite-sized morsels. Every pellet consists of a mix of high quality, very palatable ingredients, including essential seeds that picky eaters would normally set aside if fed a seed mix.

Good Nutrition in Every Bite
So when your small furry mate dines on pellets of extruded food, it's getting a well-balanced meal with all the necessary proteins, fibre vitamins and minerals in every bite.

The bottom line: no selective eating, no waste and small animals enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal every time

Living World Extrusion diets are available for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets. The toothsome morsels provide excellent nutrition to help develop muscles and promote a soft shiny coat.