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New Fluval 06 Series Filters: Making Fishkeeping Fun and Easy


Except for occasional maintenance, good aquarium filters demand minimal attention and work quietly but effectively in the background. Sort of like a well-tuned car engine that hums along quietly under the hood. 

In an ideal world, fishkeepers should be able to focus on the pleasures of having an aquarium and not spend hours labouring over filter upkeep.

This is how it is with Fluval's new 06 Series Filters, which continues to reflect Fluval's philosophy of making aquarium filters that work quietly and efficiently in the background so that your fishkeeping experience is easy and convenient.

The Joys of Fish Keeping
The best way to characterize the new 06 Series is to describe them as strong, quiet types.

They're the kind of filters that keep a low profile–out of sight and out of mind–but their effects are clearly seen, felt and enjoyed.


What's New with Fluval Series Filters?
The new 06 Series Filters–which follow in the footsteps of the successful 05 Series–deliver many improved benefits, including better filtration, less maintenance frequency, faster setup, and quieter operation, all designed to make fish keeping more enjoyable. 

Building on the solid foundation of its predecessor, the new Fluval 06 line features many enhancements, including:

  • Improved motor hydraulic performance–reduces maintenance frequency, increases flow rates and head pressure
  • Increased water filtration performance–produces cleaner, healthier water
  • Better biological filtration, with the addition of Bio-Foam media
  • Sound-dampening impeller design for 8 to 15% quieter operation
  • Redesigned impeller cover that's less prone to break
  • Re-engineered efficient priming system for easier starting 
  • Stronger lift-lock clamps for more secure closure
  • Hose lock nuts for improved security
  • Enhanced convenience features, such as patented Aqua-Stop Valve, multiple filtration baskets, and rim connectors, are now easier than ever to manage 

Ease and Convenience as Always
As with all of our Fluval Series Filters, the new Fluval 06 line helps make aquarium keeping as easy and worry-free as possible by providing a remarkable range of convenient features.

Key features include patented Aqua-Stop Valves for easy hose disconnections, single-motion lift-lock clamps for simple cleaning and maintenance, and multiple removable filtration baskets that are already packed with mechanical, chemical, and biological media. 

In addition, Fluval's unique square-shaped canister design holds 35-50% more water than round canister filters of similar size, allowing superior flow through a complex cleansing process that allows maximum contact time with filtration media.

The Fluval 06 Series Filters are available in four sizes - 106, 206, 306, 406 - designed for a wide range of small to mid-sized home or commercial aquariums.