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  • 12291 - Fluval EDGE Ornament Stone Wall

    Decorate your Fluval EDGE aquarium with this attractive Stone Wall aquarium ornament. Made of durable resin, this modern-looking decorative item blends in nicely in a variety of aquarium setups. The ornament includes three plant baskets with holes at the bottom that allow roots to grow through. It also has a cutout that accommodates the inlet pipe of the aquarium's filter, so that you can place the item directly against the back wall.


    Also available:

    - 12289 Fluval EDGE Bamboo Wall II

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  • 15556 - Fluval Decor, Naturalist

    This ensemble of aquarium ornaments is designed to blend in naturally in your aquarium. The kit includes lifelike replicas of driftwood, an aquatic plant, and moss stones that all look like the real thing. Designed with attention to detail, these stunning ornaments will add an interesting visual accent to your aquarium.

    Key Features
    - Realistic-looking collection of aquarium ornaments
    - Includes driftwood, aquatic plant, and three moss stones
    - Detailed design
    - Easy to clean and maintain

    Also available:

    - 15554, Fluval Decor, Ship Pulley
    - 15555, Fluval Decor, Pier Post
    - 15557, Fluval Decor, Small Moss Stones
    - 15558, Fluval Decor, Large Moss Stones



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