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  • 72905 - Dogit Design Gumi Dental Dog Toy-Chew & Clean, Small

    Dogit Design Gŭmi Dog dental toys turns brushing time into playtime! Gŭmi dental toys help improve your dog’s oral hygiene as he plays. The toys are specifically designed to help floss, remove plaque, and deep clean those hard to reach areas. Gŭmi toys are a fun, playful way to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth. Dogit Design Gŭmi Dog dental toys are available in 3 styles (360 Clean, Floss, and Chew & Clean) and 3 sizes (small, medium, and large).

    Dogit Design Gŭmi Chew & Clean: In addition helping remove plaque and deep cleaning those hard to reach areas, the Chew & Clean includes a soothing pouch and treat pouch at either end. Fill the soothing pouch with water and freeze to provide relieve to teething puppies and dogs with sensitive gums. Add treats to the treat pouch, and as the dog works to get at the treats, his teeth and gums rub against the product’s surface, removing plaque buildup. Other features include:
    -Scrubbers: remove food and saliva lingering on the tooth’s surface.
    -Soft waves: gently massage and stimulate the blood flow to the gum line.
    -Soft Gumi Texture encourages continuous play; exercises jaw muscles without damaging teeth.
    -Durable Nylon Ridges: help remove plaque. Removing plaque is the best way to prevent tartar buildup that causes cavities.

    Also available:
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