Laguna EPDM Rubber Liner 4.6m X 30.5m (15ft X 100ft)

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Item#: PT1426
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Laguna EPDM pond liners by Firestone are specifically designed for pond use. Unlike roofing rubber which can contain harmful oils and fungicide, Laguna pond liner is safe and non-toxic to fish and plants, is excellent in cold climates and UV stabilized. Highly flexible, the liner easily conforms to pond curves and shelves. Made of 2-ply, 45-mil, multigrain EPDM rubber.

Available in pre-cut, mini and industrial rolls.

45mil EPDM flexible rubber pond liner has a 20 year limited manufacturer warranty against UV deterioration & manufacturing defects.
Firestone PondGard liner warranties are serviced directly from the manufacturer.

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