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Vision bird cages practical and convenient bird-keeping

Vision Bird Cages
Perfection is in the details

Less Mess

Birds tend to be frenetic eaters. As they eat, seeds invariably fly all over the place. When birds fly in their cages, their flapping wings create downward air currents. Frenetic eating and downdraft can cause quite a mess.

Vision's deep base combined with the low position of the feeders solves the messiness problem. Flying food and feces ultimately wind up in the base.

Cleaning Convenience

Most bird cages have pull-out drawers at the bottom that often fail to do a good job at collecting bird seeds and waste, which tend to fall in the cracks between the cage and drawer, creating maintenance headaches.

Vision cages do not have drawers. Instead, the upper portion of the cage detaches from the base so that you can empty the contents of the base into the waste bin. Cleaning takes less time. The base has ridges that allow air circulation and prevent mildew.

Wide Double Doors

Vision cages come with large front double doors. They open towards the inside and serve as a convenient landing pad for birds returning from a brief jaunt outside the cage. Another great benefit is that when birds perch on the open doors, their waste falls in the base inside the cage and not on the floor.

The doors work independently, so you can close one and leave the other one open. This comes in handy when you need to handle a bird, because it allows you to reach inside and minimizes the chances of your bird escaping.

No-Stress Access to Feeders

The seed and water cups can be accessed from the outside, this way you don't have to reach in with your hand and stress your birds. There is also an extra single door at the side, dedicated to feeding. As mentioned above, the feeders are located near the bottom of the cage, so that there is a high likelihood that jettisoned seeds end up in
the base below.

Cleaning Convenience

Cleaning Convenience

Wide double doors

Wide Double Doors

no-stress access

No-Stress Access

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