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AquaClear  -  Still a Filter Powerhouse after all these Years 


The revolutionary motor technology featured a single moving part—a free-floating magnetic impeller designed to provide superior wear-resistance and service life.

Magnetic Technology
Floating inside a magnetic field, the magnetic impeller produced less heat, friction and wear. The breakthrough design made conventional filters with multiple moving parts obsolete. The invention was significant because it meant longer product life, consistent performance, and less energy consumption. 

With magnetic impeller technology as the starting point, AquaClear went on to develop many other innovations—including flow control, refiltration, and CycleGuard—that have made AquaClear a perennial leader in the aquarium filtration market.

Patented Flow Control
With flow control, AquaClear allows users to adjust water flow to a specific aquarium volume or type. This provides flexibility in a variety of situations, such as when fish require more or less water movement and during feeding. Flow control reduces flow intake by as much as 66% without compromising filtration efficiency. 

Refiltration System
When reduced flow is selected, AquaClear's patented refiltration system re-circulates water through the filter media to maximize filtration performance through increased media contact time. Up to 50% of the water in the filter chamber is processed many times to produce a biologically stable, clean and healthy aquarium.

Cycleguard Versatile Filtration
AquaClear Power Filters provide three essential forms of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological. Multiple filtration inserts ensure consistent biological filtration. As one type of media is replaced, the balance of the media works to maintain the biological filter. 

Efficient Design
AquaClear filtration extracts the full potential of the filter container, ensuring that the entire filter volume is used. The filter media baskets maximize filter media capability. They also prevent water by-pass and allow easy removal and installation of filter inserts. Water returns to the aquarium via a natural waterfall design to ensure efficient water distribution and surface movement for optimum oxygenation.

Flexibility and Filter Output
AquaClear can be used with any type of filter media, which can be interchanged and placed in custom configurations without disrupting the biological stability of the filter.