Reptile and amphibian keeping is more exciting and rewarding than ever thanks to the growing trend of creating natural and realistic terrarium landscapes. Exo Terra is leading the way by providing products that create micro environments that closely replicate conditions in nature. Whether you're looking for an all-inclusive Habitat kit, lighting, heaters, plants, or accessories, Exo Terra products are functional and convenient and meet the needs of herpetoculturists—from beginners to experts.

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New Exo Terra Turtle Clean

Exo Terra® Turtle Clean is a 100% biological turtle habitat cleaner that when used on a weekly basis helps control odors and break down solid organic waste.

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Exo Terra Turtle Food
Soft Pellets

With natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, this premium line of reptile food satisfies the daily nutritional needs of bearded dragons, iguanas, and tortoises.

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Exo Terra Snake Bedding

Exo Terra Snake Bedding is dust-free and extremely soft, making it perfect for even the most sensitive species and hatchlings.

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