Living World Royal Bird Cage

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Living World Royal Bird Cage is an attractive and elegantly designed home for small birds such as budgies, canaries and finches. The cage includes a variety of practical and innovative accessories that fulfill the needs of birds and simplify maintenance.

Accessories include: 2 pull-out drawers, 1 swing, 3 perches, 1 mirror with bell, 3 feeders, 1 drinking fountain, 1 biscuit holder and 1 universal food holder.

The cage also has two swing-out doors at different locations that allow excellent access. The doors have a locking latch for escape-proof security. The feeders swivel in and out for easy access. The cage base has two pull-out trays that swivel and lock into position, making cleaning a breeze. The base attaches easily to the wire frame using three secure locking clips. The cage comes complete with a large plastic hook at the top for easy hanging. Wire spacing of 1 cm keeps your bird safe inside.

Size: 43.5 cm dia. x 68.5 cm H (17.1” x 27”)

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