Catit Adjustable Nylon Expand Cat Collar with buckle, Red. Size: 9.5mm (3/8") x 20cm-33cm (8-13").

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Fresh meets Function! The Catit line of collars, leashes, harnesses, harness sets and tie-outs offer a complete range of products in fresh, fashion-forward colours.

Catit Adjustable Nylon Expand Cat Collar with Buckle, Red. Size: 9.5mm (3/8") x 20cm-33cm (8-13") with metal tongue buckle, bell and D-ring for attaching leash and identification tags. The collar has built-in elastic inserts that can allow your cat to wiggle free from its collar should it become caught in bushes, fences, etc. Made from snag-proof nylon weave that will not shrink or tighten when snagged or scratched by cat.

Also available in complementary red colour:
Art. # 55321 (leash)
Art. # 55331, 55341, 55351 (small, medium, large harness)
Art. # 55361, 55371, 55381 (small, medium, large harness & leash sets)
Art. # 55391, 55395, 55398 (small, medium, large tie-outs)
Collar sizing: To find the correct collar size for your cat, measure around your cat's neck then add 5cm/2in (or approx the width of two fingers being able to fit between the cat and the collar).

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