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For over 30 years, Habitrail has built a solid reputation for developing creative and reliable ways to house hamsters safely. There is nothing like Habitrail.

Unique, innovative and contemporary, Habitrail is renowned for its product creativity, ingenuity, reliability and safety.

Habitrail’s creative habitats and trails create virtually endless setup variations, and its tunnel-like concept replicates real-life burrowing conditions that hamsters enjoy. Habitrail also has many access points that allow close interaction with hamsters.

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Habitrail Twist

The Hamster Cage with a Design Twist

Habitrail Twist is a new and innovative hamster cage with a design twist. Find out how two existing designs fused into one to become a new hybrid cage.

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Habitrail OVO
Natural Living Conditions

See how Habitrail OVO habitats and accessories are designed to make pet hamsters feel right at home.

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Habitrail - Many Worlds for Small Pets

Habitrail offers an amazing variety of wildly imaginative living spaces for small animals such as hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice.

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