Living World Botanical Hay 567 g (20 oz)

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Living World® Botanical Hay combines a rich blend of fragrant herbs with the long-strand fibre found in Living World® Timothy Hay. The herbs enhance the hay’s aroma and taste, stimulating your pet’s appetite for hay, while the high-fibre content promotes excellent digestion and prevents obesity. Hay is important for the health of small pets and needs to be accessible to them on a daily basis. Feeding 100% natural Living World® Botanical Hay to small pets also provides mental stimulation and promotes natural foraging behaviour. With no additives or preservatives, Botanical Hay offers a healthy companion food that complements any diet and should be fed free-choice. Combine Botanical Hay with other Living World® Hays to really stimulate your small animal’s senses! The complete line of Living World® Hays is specially grown and blended to help meet the nutritional needs of small animals. Each bag is quality assured to provide essential nutrients. Every Living World® Hay has a unique texture and aroma that enhances its taste, while the high-fibre content promotes excellent digestion and helps prevent obesity, digestive upset and diarrhea. Feeding Living World® Hays helps minimize dental disease and assists in dental maintenance. 567 g (20 oz)

Feeding Instructions:
Living World® Botanical Hay should always be available to your pet. Try to find new and inventive ways of feeding hay to increase consumption. For example, place a layer of hay at the bottom of the cage and hide food/treats in the hay (to encourage foraging). Always remove any hay that becomes damp or dirty. Fresh water should always be available.

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